Saturday, August 13, 2011

Roy Boy - 8 months

Roy learned how to clap and say 'dadda' since my last post. He doesn't really know who dadda is, but he lights up when Jacob or I walk in the room. Our little crawler has also been very busy exploring the last few weeks. We are currently working on not crawling up the stairs and not touching the tv. Roy also loves music. I've caugh Jacob playing his harmonica while he's feeding him to keep his attention and he's facinated with our guitar so much that he'll climb on top of the guitar case when it's put away. (By the way, the sofa in the pictures is one my favorite pieces of furniture I have ever owned! I had to sell it to make room for UrbanPosture stuff. Leslie moved to Brooklyn last month and I've been busy trying to find a place for everything.)

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  1. these pictures are soo adorable of Roy and I feel sooo bad that you had to get rid of the sofa because of my move. i loved it too! :(