Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brooklyn Renegade

Just got back from Renegade in Brooklyn NY. What a trip...literally! Longest drive ever, but way worth it! Tiffany Steward came along to help drive and lift stuff and make us look and feel beautiful. And our dear friend, Erica Shaft, was so kind to put us up for the weekend and took us to several amazing restaurants.

The weather was really hot and windy, not ideal for 3-month pregnant lady, here. But everybody took the best care of me. NYC is amazing, wish we could have staying longer! There is so much to see and do. I was even pleasantly suprised by the people. I was expencting them to be rude and stand-offish, but not so. They were really kinda and welcoming. Here are some pictures of the trip and show:
Next week, I'm taking Jacob and the lovely Stacey (from Island Canary) with me to INDIana Handicraft Exchange! Should be good show!!