Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wood you be mine?

We finally had a chance to work on this year’s Valentine’s day cards. Inspired by her "Wonderful Woodgrain” post, Leslie created this lovely new design for you to share with your special someone. The cards are available in grey, white and pink and will be exclusive to Ephemera. There are limited quantities, so you better hurry! (Besides, your significant other will be so pleased to hear that you didn’t procrastinate!)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to our NEW KITCHEN!!!

Before & After


Start date: May 2st
End date: October 25th(ish)

Cabinets: Dura Supreme
Homestead Panel in Oak with Cocoa Brown stain

Countertops: Corian - White Cloud (with a 2" thick edge-YESSS!)

Hardware: Ikea - Span
Sink: Ikea - Domsjoe
Faucet: Ikea - Alsvik

Lighting: Ikea

Floor Tile: Procaine (Clearance at Sunderland's)

Backsplash: White Subway 3x6 from Daltile

Appliances: Mix and match. Everything from GE to Broan

Labor: My dearest brother, Tim and his lovely wife Ashley, my old friend Lamont, the amazing trim carpenter Nick, my uncle Kevin and his sons, Kyle and Justin (who are life savers - literally, but that's another story) and of course, Jacob and I. HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL!!!

...and now, (sigh) we can sit and relax. Who wants to have a dinner party?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DIY Magazine

Sadly, it is Sunday evening and Mondays morning is inevitable. Just thought I'd post some recent UP promotion. DIY Magazine is a wonderful source of projects, tips and inspiration. Leslie and I are thrilled to have our wood coasters featured in this season's issue. Have a great week everybody!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

lunch box

Check out my new lunch box!! It's one of my favorite Christmas presents this year from Stacey. Perfectly adorable and functional!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas

If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to save money - even when it come to gifts. I hate having to be cheap, because most of the time I really like the recipient of the gift. (It would be different if I didn't like the recipient - don't you agree?) So, I decided to make some things by hand this year to help the budget a little. I think it shows people that I love them, because I'm willing to spend time and effort on their gift even if I don't spend a lot.

I got one of my favorite ideas from my Mother-in-law: REAL VANILLA!! You need 1 bottle of Myer's Dark Rum and 4-6 vanilla beans. Place the bean in the rum; store in the dark for about 6 months and voilĂ , you have real vanilla. Here comes the handmade part: I knit a cover for the bottle that is both festive and function, because it has to be stored in the dark. Don't forget to add a tag with directions!

I know this is a little late for this year, but there are plenty of occasions for gift giving, not just Christmas.

Friday, January 1, 2010

hello. goodbye.

I always have mixed feelings about the new year. I feel a slight sense of regret for all the things missed or actions not taken and feel a little panicked about the things I didn't accomplish in the past year. Then I remember that I have a whole new year ahead of me. It's like a second chance to reach goals, as well as, an opportunity to start fresh. To use a cliché, it's a blank canvas and I can draw whatever I want, preferably with colored pencils. :)

Nevertheless, when I think back on the past year I have to smile and deep down inside I know that I am blessed beyond belief! I have everything I need and more. God is good!