Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Market Day Follow-up

UrbanPosture had the great opportunity to participate in Market Day, hosted by MSMF. We had loads of fun, met some great new people and were inspired by all the cool stuff! I can't wait for our next go, which will have to wait until the end of July. I'll keep you posted!

We added some seating / 'front counter' to our set-up - otherwise our display stayed the same. It was so nice not to have to stand for 8 hours, like Craft Saturday. The cupcake people set up right across from us - so lucky for us! And little miss Chimes was to our right - sweet girl with lovely handmade goods! Check them out here.

The coasters were a hit again. We also added a new shirt design to our collection for this event. Gotta love the birchtrees!! Huge THANK YOU to all who organized, participated and supported this event!

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