Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where is baby going to sleep?

Even though I'm pretty sure Jacob is going to be smitten by our little one and will probably not wan to put baby down, the time will come when even he will want to sleep. The crib sets the tone for the room, so we decided that was the first thing we need to figure out. Here are are few cribs that we like.

(most images were found on ohdeedoh and dwell studio)


  1. I Love them all! I especially love the Lime Green, oh and the yellow. Wait, you want crib love ----- Personally I love the traditional white one or even in yellow! Not much help here, sorry! Mom / Gramma K

  2. such good stuff! the fourth photo down (blue and orange) looks a lot like my kiddo's room! we have blue walls and an orange/light wood toddler bed now that folds into a chair by P'kolino (you'll have to check out their website. cool stuff.) we also LOVED this high chair ... (okay, I'll stop now.) :)

  3. I like numbers 2 and 4! Oh, and that final little cradle would be a fun one for mommy & daddy's room on sleepless nights.

    Couldn't you just get them all and trade out every week? Jacob wouldn't care, I'm sure.