Thursday, December 25, 2008


Here is our tree - it's a little pathetic, because it's plastic. I like to think of it as being green. Notice the blueprint wrapping paper - also a green effort.

My darling husband, Jacob, and I woke up early today to open presents and then made Christmas dinner together. It looks fancy, but I have to admit that we didn't stuff the Cornish Game Hens ourselves-they came that way from the store. It was delicious! And look at the tiny wishbones!

Jacob is so kind to support my love for crafts/art and got me a block printing press and an adjustable dress form - I can't wait to sew my own clothes. Or at least attempt to...

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  1. How EXCITING!
    Sarah, How did I miss the fact that you got these wonderful presents from Jacob for Christmas!? I am a terrible friend.